Katrina Hansford


My work takes it’s inspiration from the natural world.  I am particularly keen to promote the importance of the survival of endangered species and my work often looks at the how Man has severely affected the populations of many species in the name of progress, fashion and Mans’ “natural right” to use and abuse the inhabitants of the world and it’s resources.    I use my illustration skills to explore various themes and incorpoate them into textile pieces.  I enjoy exploring skeletal structures which link a body and the more tenuous (often symbolic) structures which link objects and beings together.  Historical connections are also an important part of the research process for some of my pieces; this had a large influence on my recent Degree Show installation which was entitled “Fashion Victims of Birds of Prey” and looked at the historical significance of the industrial revolution with reference to textiles and the fashion industry and how it affected certain species, especially those who were naturally adorned with a beautiful fur coat or colourful feathers.

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