Gathered Memories

"textile installation at Theatre Royal, Winchester"

Textile installation at the Theatre Royal, Winchester

Gathered Memories is a textile installation of tea dyed silk and gold thread illustrating the concept of memories, showing how these twist and turn through life.  Inspired by an original idea by Elizabeth Saunders and commissioned by the Theatre Royal Winchester, this larger and more ambitious work brought together five artists and is the culmination of three months’ work.

Elizabeth was joined by Jeryl Church, Lisa Earley, Consuelo Simpson, Ann Smith and talented young students from Peter Symonds College to complete the piece.  The team met every Wednesday and worked on the installation in the atrium of the Theatre Royal, Winchester  where it now hangs.

While many artists routinely collaborate in their working lives (musicians, actors, dancers), this is less common in the visual arts.  The artists working on the Gathered Memories installation all enjoyed the collaborative and social aspects of the project.  The opportunity to share the development of the piece with fellow artists, from tea dyeing the fabrics on a wet and windy winter’s day

"tea dyeing fabric"

Ann Louise Smith and Consuelo Simpson getting the colour just right!

through the stitching phase and the trepidation of the assembly and installation was a rare and much appreciated pleasure.

The participating artists have all produced work on the theme of memory for this exhibition and this work is also on show in the Theatre Royal, Winchester.  The exhibition runs until 31 May 2013.

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